Business Plan

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The Jawhar valley of Western Ghats lying in the foothills of the Sahyadri Range is one of the oldest geographical landforms of the Indian subcontinent. Situated just on the outskirts of the biggest urban, Industrial agglomeration of India the Mumbai – Pune – Nasik industrial corridor, this valley has the unique distinction of being nestled in the lap of urban prosperity as well as having impressive scenic beauty.

Green Acres has chosen this location very wisely, after doing dozens of market surveys, backed by in-depth primary economic research into the development patterns of all the geographical regions of India. This valley comes out unique due to a huge range of features & unique characteristics it possesses.

For those not familiar with the development plans of this region, we would like to draw their attention to the region; we would like to draw their attention to the Lonavala & Khandala Ghats on the Mumbai – Pune route. The Lonavala – Khandala route has witnessed unbridled development bringing in immeasurable prosperity, capital appreciation & monumental profits to those who invested in land in this region. This region has become a masterpiece of development & has stood its place amidst topsy-turvy economic cycles. Never have the land prices in this region dropped in the last 50 years ever since it was conceived

Jawhar, the site chosen by Green Acres is the Khandala – Lonavala belt of the future. With the entire Lonavala – Khandala belt being saturated, with no further land being available, the whole development is bound to be & is being driven to the Jawhar side. Jawhar is very strategically positioned on the Mumbai – Nasik route & is close of the NH – 3 – Mumbai – Agra Highway which is one of the business arterial roads in India. This also passes through the Mumbai – Delhi industrial corridor envisaged by the government of India & is equidistant with Pune & the industrial centers of Gujarat namely Surat, Vapi & Valsad

as well. Added advantage is that the huge traffic from Mumbai to Shirdi passes through this belt driving the land prices up further.
Although land is the only real asset & undoubtedly the best investment in India, our customers do not have to rest ourselves with just enjoying the capital appreciation on the land that they will purchase. Green Acres has a solid business plan in place for all its investors. This plan based on Agricultural sciences will not only give a tremendous boost to the income earning potential of the land holdings our customers have invested in but also has the potential to b come a very important secondary business of our investors. Going further, our business model is so robust that if some discerning investors wish, we can build up this as the primary business model for our investors.

Profits will come in bountiful numbers & so will your money grow; exponentially when you invest in our land, but that is not all. Green Acres has not been constitutes as an investment only avenue of growing your money. Green Acres has been, at its very core driven by the philosophy to rejuvenate, regenerate & reinvigorate the life that we all successful people have become used to living – a life full of uncertainties, stress, impure environment, impure food & incessant pestering by the chemical laced world to toe its line of living or fall apart. The Green Acres Agro City is a solution to some of the most basic, rudimentary problems being faced by those who are successful in their lives – the problem of hollow plentifulness – a life laced with and full of an ever increasing plenty of resources all lased with impurities that destroy the very life of ours that we set out to enrich with our seat and blood.

The business plan of Green Acres revolves around the philosophy of using the art of agriculture & the science of biotechnology to rekindle the lost freshness in the lives of all our investors. The Green Acres Agro City will use all its resources to mobilise the best technologies backed by the best of all age old practices & procedures of the first ever vocation of man. We will till the land with crops that are supremely rewarding economically, manage the entire process for our investors as their trustees & share the rewards of the harvest with them.

Needless to say all this will be guaranteed & backed with legal agreements including buy back contracts between the investors & Green Acres. Our plan is not only extremely profitable & resourceful but also uniquely innovative & backed by ignominious amounts of research into the various methods of living a green life.

Green Acres sells land duly demarcated in plot sizes of 100 square feet or more for the ease of small investors. So knowledgeable investors can decide the appropriate amount of land to buy based on their investment appetite. The Green Acres Hill City being pristine agricultural land can be transferred via the payment of stamp duty only to those who are farmers legally & decide to buy in lots of half an acre or more. But they need not be farmers now, for we have our mechanisms in place to turn our normal customers into legal farmers. Rest of individuals who cannot buy a land parcel of half an acre, can buy smaller plots of

sizes being multiples of 100 square feet and instead of a registered sale deed, they will have the land being allotted to them in the Green Acres Agro City fully legally and with all the guarantees & buy back contracts being put in place. This is necessitated due to the fact that it is legally difficult to transfer smaller land parcels of agricultural land to non-farmers.

Green Acres promises a return on around and over 500% on the original investments to all its investors in the Green Acres Agro City (after a gestation period of 5 years but including the five years for the purpose of calculating ROI). This is plain business profit arising out of the agricultural operations that will be undertaken therein & is in addition to the capital appreciation that the land will see during the progression of time. This income will from the plantations of economically rich cash plantations that Green Acres will plant, manage & harvest on a farm to kitchen & farm to customer B2B model. So, all our investors get a double whammy deal in monumental capital appreciation on the cost of their land plus operating business profits from the fifth year onwards.

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